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    Rogue System Detection 2.0 Patch 1 Release Notes

      This version is build number:

      Release date: October 21, 2008

      Rogue System Detection 2.0 Patch 1 is currently in the Managed Release cycle. See 614019 for detailed information on Patch release cycles.

      To obtain Patch 1, contact McAfee Technical Support and reference this article number to have a case created and escalated.
      IMPORTANT: The following files are required before a case can be escalated:

      • ePO Minimum Escalation Requirements (MER) files For Information on downloading the MERs for each McAfee product, refer to NAI33333.
      To find the appropriate telephone number for McAfee Technical Support, go to: http://www.mcafee.com/us/about/contact/index.html. Non-US customers select your country from the list of Worldwide Offices.
      Alternatively, log a case in the ServicePortal via http://mysupport.mcafee.com/. See KB42016 - Creating an online case from ServicePortal.

      The previous text is not part of the readme file.

      This release was developed for use with:

      • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0.0 Patch 2
      • Rogue System Detection 2.0
      NOTE: Make sure you have installed the correct version(s) before using this release.


      • Resolved issues
      • Installation Instructions
      • Finding release notes and documentation for McAfee enterprise products
      Resolved issues
      Issues that are resolved in this release are listed below.

      1. Issue: Selecting the “Next Page” while viewing “Managed Machines” caused this message to be displayed: “An Unknown Error has Occurred.” (Reference: 427453)
        Resolution: Now when you view a subnet containing more than a single page of system information and you select “Next Page,” the requested information is properly displayed.
      2. Issue: The columns on the “Managed Systems for Subnet” page did not sort when selected. (Reference: 430417)
        Resolution: Now when you select a column on the “Managed Systems for Subnet” page, the page is properly sorted.
      3. Issue: Although the Rogue System Detection Sensor deployment task would run, the Rogue System Detection Sensor was not updated. (Reference: 415191)
        Resolution: The Rogue System Detection Sensor deployment task now supports build-to-build upgrades.
      4. Issue: The “Detected Systems Details” page displayed the “Last Detected IP Address” with NULL IP addresses as “unknown error.” (Reference: 431047)
        Resolution: The “Last Detected IP Address” on the “Detected Systems Details” page now displays NULL IP addresses as “blank.”
      5. Issue: Rogue System Detection only allowed domain names of up to 16 characters in length. (Reference: 431049)
        Resolution: Rogue System Detection now allows domain names of up to 255 characters in length.
      6. Issue: The Rogue System Detection Sensor Service was incorrectly described in the “Services” pane of the “Computer Management” window. (Reference: 423608)
        Resolution: The Rogue System Detection Sensor Service is now described as “Performs broadcast and DHCP detection.”
      Installation instructions
      Use these steps to install the extension (.ZIP) file for Rogue System Detection.

      Installation prerequisites

      • You must have ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 Patch 2 and Rogue System Detection 2.0 installed prior to upgrading the McAfee Rogue System Detection 2.0 Patch 1.
      • You must have appropriate permissions to perform this task.
      Installation steps

      1. Ensure the extension file is in an accessible location on the network.
      2. Log on to the ePO 4.0 console.
      3. Click Configuration, Extensions tabs.
      4. Click Install Extension.
      5. Click Browse and navigate to your temporary folder
      6. Select the extension file rsd-2.0.1.zip and click Open.
      7. Click OK to install the extension.
      8. Verify Rogue System Detection displays in the Extensions list and reports as version
      Finding release notes and documentation for McAfee products
      Use this task to go to the release notes and other product documentation for McAfee products.

      1. Go to knowledge.mcafee.com and select Product Documentation under Useful links.
      2. Select <Product Name> | <Product Version> and select the required document from the list of documents.