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    Mcafee ESM Hardware Specifications and Clarifications




      Looking to purchase mcafee for my company, would like to now the below;


      1) Can anyone share, a PDF or documents on the hardware specifications (Cores, RAM, HDD, PS, Etc;) each different Hardware device has?

      2) Any documents on what the peak EPS on each ESM hard device?

      3) What is the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing AIO ESM and going for separate components?

      4) What limitation does the ESM has, if we do not purchase the Advanced Correlation?

      5) What are the limitation of the ESM AIO?

      6) Parser development kit, does it come free of charge or do we have to purchase it separately?

      7) Is there a limit in the number of monitored devices, Vulnerability Assessment Scans?


      Thanks Alot