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    Firewall UI completely confusing; can't even tell if its on or off??


      I have to describe myself as "Completely Confused" by this entire control panel.  That may sound vague, but details are explained step by step.


      When i launch (from the system tray), i get the following.  Both the "Create Password" and "Dismiss" buttons are dead.  So, clicking on them does nothing. The mouse changes to a hand pointer, but clicking does nothing.

      Do note that  dimmed in the middle, if you look closely, you can see that Firewall Protection is  "on".



      So, i clicked on View firewall and anti-spam settings.  The following comes up.


      This also seems to suggest that the Firewall is "on".


      So, next i clicked on the word "Firewall".  The following comes up.

      ==>> Now it seems to be suggesting that the Firewall is OFF!  And, it offers for me to turn it on!!!  (WHAT'S UP?).



      At this point if i click on any of those items, like "Traffic controller", "Internet Connections for Programs", etc, they all contain only grayed out material.


      I guess i would have to say that i am "TOTALLY CONFUSED".


      Can anybody shed light on this, sort it out?

      • How do i get rid of the "Password" dialog?
      • Is my Firewall actually on or off?
      • How can I browse or change details for "Internet Connections for Programs"?