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    How to automate wake up calls for Agents not checking in on time


      We have an issue where the framework agent gets corrupt on workstation Endpoints and we have to reinstall the framework.  It does happen occasionally on our servers, but that is very rare.  I was asked to create some automation around detecting broken agents, and re-installing a new agent to fix this issue as opposed to waiting for a user to complain of issues, to find out they are not checking in properly and fail policy updates..  Our endpoints check in every 90 minutes, and I would say 80% are on the LAN while the other 20% checkin through our Relay agent as they are remote.  I have parsed through many forums thinking that this is an easy one that is probably out there in most environments, but I may not be searching with the correct keywords, cause I am coming up with very little.


      Anyone able to help?  I would really appreciate it.


      Thank you in advance.