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    McAfee Agent Event ID 2402 "Deployment/Update process encountered an unknown error"




      we currently see the following events in our log and don't know why.


      There is a scheduled update task which runs every day and should update all packages.

      The task works fine when updating the DAT package to a newer version but seems to fail for the McAfee Agent itself. There is no newer version of the McAfee Agent, but why is there an error event logged?


      The event is:


      Event ID: 2402

      Product Code: McAfee Agent

      Error Type: Update

      Error Code: Deployment/Update process encountered an unknown error


      McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator: 5.1.3

      McAfee Agent Version:


      We couldn't find anything in the logs ( C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Agent\logs ) and appreciate every hint on where to look for the problem.