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    Epolicy and Windows XP firewall exception GPO

      Does anyone have a good link for setting up a GPO to allow Epolicy to function properly with Windows XP?

      I am running Epolicy 4.0 with VirusScan 8.5i on WinXP machines and the user manual mentions that you are supposed to set up file and print sharing as an exception as well as the framework service, however, it only mentioned how to do this from a single workstation and not from a Windows GPO which is different. And, even the info they provided for setting up a single workstation seems as though it is missing parts for this procedure.

      I would think the user manual should have more information when it comes to setting up a GPO for this as most people will probably be using a GPO to control the Windows XP machines firewall exceptions. Also just wondering if I am the only person who thinks a section on setting up the GPO would be helpful in the user manual, or overkill. thanks