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    What is JTI/Suspect!131076?



      I'm new to mcafee forums

      To be honest, I don't really get all of this tech and computer coding stuff... the real problem is about an animation software I use...

      I downloaded a cracked version of TVPaint Animation 10 pro v.10.0.16 uploaded by Friends In War Software ( Friends in War Software - News )

      I had been using this software for about an year and has not caused any harm, even in the background as I had checked in the task manager and since I have installed mcafee, it keeps sending it to the quarantine and keeps saying that the threat detected is JTI/Suspect!131076.

      I cant seem to find what really JTI/Suspect!131076 is since there is no result for JTI/Suspect!131076...

      I am very sure that JTI/Suspect!131076 is a false positive! Please help me.

      I am sure that mcafee has yet to develop a "trusted file" option and even if I disable firewall and real time scanner and try to install it, it automatically enables itself and boom! back to the quarantine.

      Please confirm to me that this is a false positive because I really REALLY need that software.

      I appreciate your help, thankyou in advance...

      -save me-

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