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    Disapearing System Tray Icon


      Since the latest major program update on Thursday (Internet Security 14.0 R11 Security Center 15.0.2061), I've noticed the McAfee Icon in the system tray disappearing about 5 minutes after I boot my system. This happens every time the system is booted. My cursor turns to the the spinning icon for a second or two, and then the McAfee Icon disappears from the system tray. Each time it has occurred, I've waited a minute or so, to see if the icon reappears (as I've noticed it disappearing and then reappearing within a few seconds occasionally in the past), and then double clicked the McAfee icon on my desktop making the system tray icon reappear pretty quickly (implying McAfee was still running and protecting the system properly). The icon then stays put in the system tray until the next time I reboot!


      The last time this phenomenon occurred this time I booted, I decided to have a good check in various places such as the Windows Action Center to be sure McAfee was still running and protecting my machine after the system tray icon disappearance, which took me a few minutes (ie longer than I'd waited before for it to reappear) during which time the icon reappeared on its own! So, what's going on here? Anyone else noticed this since the latest update? And is McAfee still protecting my machine for the 2 or 3 minutes the ST icon goes AWOL?


      I'm running Windows 7 SP1 with McAfee Internet Security.

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          Generally this occurs during or after McAfee polls for\or updates the (Engine Version). Simply make certain you have your settings to 'Show Icons and Notifications' which will be visible in the lower task bar.

          In my experience\opinion there is no reason to be concerned.





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            I have McAfee set to 'Show icons and notifications'.


            The system tray icon disappears every time I switch my machine on, always about 5 minutes after I boot. It then returns about 3-4 minutes later of its own accord, or almost instantly if I click the McAfee icon on the desktop (implying it is still running and protecting the machine). It's then fine until I switch off.


            All seems a little strange,.....

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              Ok we better get this explained better I thought you meant it showed then turned off then came again.


              It is normal for the icon not to show for 1 minute of so after boot this gives other items time to load but I understand you are still protected in this time. Reading your post you clearly say it waits for 5 minutes then disappears then returns correct?


              As CD said it does disappear when it updates the program but this is not every day. When you see the blue spinning icon hover over it and see what it says McAfee is doing. I will watch mine next update and engine update though I have 15.1 the new version installed it might act differently.


              Have you run MVT do so and post the session number please


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                The system boots, and the McAfee icon appears in the system tray after about 1 minute (as you explained and as before the latest update).


                Then about 5 minutes later (and EVERY time since the update), my mouse cursor turns into the spinning cursor for a second or two (implying the system is up to something) and the McAfee icon disappears from the system tray. As I said, double clicking on the McAfee icon on the desktop makes the McAfee system tray icon reappear within about 2-3 seconds. If I do nothing, it reappears on its own in about 3-4 minutes. It is then present until I turn off the machine.


                Today, just after the icon disappeared, I did a manual right-click scan on a folder in Windows Explorer to see if a scan would run (to check if the suite was still working whilst the icon was absent). It scanned the folder successfully,


                What's worrying me is if my system is still being fully protected when the system tray icon is absent.


                As an extra piece of info, I always manually check for updates from the main McAfee interface after clicking the system tray icon when it first appears each time I boot. I have enough time to do this before the icon disappears, and have always gotten my updates this way (I'm from a time when all updates were launched manually!!)

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                  Ok so updates is not the issue as you say you are already updated.


                  before I add this to our Monday call agenda can you try 2 things

                  1. Download and run a new copy of MVT posting the session ID here as well. See if that fixes the issue.



                  2. If issue still happens uninstall McAfee as per the link below and reinstall it. If both thoughts fail to stop this I will ask the techs what they think on our mod call.

                  Uninstall Mcafee

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                    Another thought ....open the program and see if it pops up a warning before it disappears.

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                      About to have the call did you try any of the suggestions? I will ask in the call though they will probably say reinstall first before they dig deeper.


                      What are the PC specs?

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                        I also had another idea. I waited for the system tray icon to disappear (which it does like clockwork, as I described above) and then ran a program I knew would want access through the firewall (Windows Help - I only allow infrequently used programs access to the net on an 'Allow Once' basis). A popup appeared almost immediately asking if it could have access, and the system tray icon reappeared almost simultaneously, which has reassured me that McAfee is still running properly even though the system tray icon has gone awol.


                        I'm not so worried now, and I have to do a reinstall anyway before the start of January, as I have to switch to another McAfee license that I recently installed, as detailed here:- Subscription Renewal Issues


                        My system is a core i5 2430M (Sandy Bridge) laptop @2.4GHz with 8GB ram running Windows 7 SP1.

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                          System specs fine  I would try the reinstall when you can you should get 15.1 then which has several changes to 15.0.  There also is a new GUI coming soon that might help as well though I feel the reinstall is the fix. That or MVT.

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