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    DLP policy update




      I've currently testing a new device control policy and I'm facing problems trying to get the client to apply the latest policy. The inital policy was created, built and applied on the 07/11 but has since been updated. For one reason or another the client is failing to pick up the updated policy.


      The client shows no errors when Checking for new policies and then enforcing new policies so I'm stumped. I've attached a screenshot of the DLP client status.


      I've read from KB articles & other forum posts that suggest using the DLP diag tool but cannot find it within the Product Download section.


      Any way that I can force the client update? or troubleshoot the reasoning as to why it is't applying the updated policy?


      Thanks in advance,

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          To add to this I've just deployed DLP to a new client and it has picked up this very same policy even though it was modified on the 18/11!

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            If another new deployment received the same policy revision then it sounds more likely that it is a server side issue and/or policy issue and not necessarily a policy enforcement problem.  If you go to the following page does it show pending changes?


            Menu > Data Protection > DLP Policy Manager > Policy Assignment (tab)



            If yes, go to actions > Apply selected policies > Select your policy > Apply policy


            If no, try creating a new policy and use your same rule set from your previous policy.  Assign the new policy to your system and see if it picks up the new policy correctly.