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    Endpoint Security doesn't install on some computers


      got few computers which seem uncompatible with Endpoint Security.

      yesterday i fount computer wiht windows 10 agent 5.04 , and some kind of drive encrypting product which i don't control in my envirorment - it is displayed in products as : SBDE____5130

      Install dir of it is : C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for PC\

      Seem that ES 10.2 or Virusscan 8.8p7  dont want to install properly on system


      I tried to uninstall and clean all remains of VS and ES then agent but there was still some files in common files which remainded and couldnt be removed manualy. - maybe it was blocked by Endpoint encrytpion ?


      so far i have no luck in installint anyvirus software on that system!!!

      Anyony know if McAfee AV software is compatible with Endpoint Encryption ? detected as SBDE____5130