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    Product Deployment task permissions


      Hi, I have recently built a new ePO 5.3 instance and following the Getting Started wizard created some Product Deployment tasks to deploy the McAfee agent. We have LDAP sync in place and a continuous monitoring task to deploy the agent to all unmanaged devices. I'm noticing that the deployment task doesn't seem to be functioning. If I manually deploy the agent the continuous task to deploy VS kicks in and works as intended.


      My question is which account does the Product Deployment task run under? I can't see any credentials specified in the task details and my belief is that this is a permission issue. I'm assuming I provided an account during set up but can't recall which account this was and also can't locate where this account is specified.


      I also can't seem to find anything in the audit log.


      Please let me know if further information is required.


      Thanks in advance.