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    Root Access on new DLP 10 Prevent


      We recently installed the new DLP 10 Prevent which runs on Linux modified McAfee version. The problem is that the GUI install was ran using a user which later we determined as 'admin'


      So 'admin' is the only user allowed to CLI to the box. Now, in the past with 9.3 code 'root' was the default. The problem is that 'admin' user is not a privileged account thus there are and will be many problems from supporting the server itself. We not able to do simple things like:]

      -start/stop the service

      -look at the certain logs which are only allowed to root

      -it appears there is manual option to register with ePO via CLI but again it requires to run as root


      Did anybody find a way to gain access to root account? Is there a default password?