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    hardware baseline for Content Security Reporter 2.2.0


      Is there any information regarding hardware baselines for installations of CSR? I am unable to find anything on official or unofficial forums. The MariaDB support page does not have any requirements either for even baseline system requirements, only that it "varies" based on the implementation.


      I have checked the following and found no information:



      PD26762Content Security Reporter 2.2.0 Product Guide
      PD25236Content Security Reporter 2.x Quick Start Guide
      PD26759Content Security Reporter 2.2.0 Release Notes
      KB83557Supported platforms, environments, and operating systems for Content Security Reporter 2.x / 1.x
      KB51712Content Security Reporter 2.x Known Issues


      KB83316Best Practices for upgrading Content Security Reporter


      Please let me know if there is a KB I am missing for this.