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    ePO 5.3 single install to cluster?




      If there any documentation that explains the steps of going from a single ePO installation to a clustered environment?




      I am working on a Disaster Recovery plan where there is a Primary ePO and SQL db at one location and they want to setup a failover site at another location (Active/Passive setup). Was looking at options for this and my first one was to mirror the SQL ePO db (in case the primary db goes down it will move "seemlessly" to the mirrored db). Then have a VM built and configured with the right specs at the failover site, so that if primary ePO goes down, a installation of ePO can be installed on the VM. According to the install guide, "If you restored ePolicy Orchestrator to a McAfee ePO server with a different IP address or DNS name than your previously existing server, configure a way to allow your managed systems to connect to your new McAfee ePO server. We recommend creating a CNAME record in DNS that points requests from the old IP address, DNS name, or NetBIOS name of the previously existing McAfee ePO server to the new information for the restore McAfee ePO server."


      Was wondering if clustering would be a better option or if this route is viable?