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    Replication issue

      As of a about 5 days ago i have been having a large portion of our sites failing to replicated. they are getting the following error in the EpoApSvr.log file;

      20081013043959 e #3268 SiteMgr WorkQueueUploadFile: Timed out uploading file dat-5403.zip to site ePOSA_XXXX. This is usually due to a slow connection or a thread hang.

      I manually copied the file over the weekend but it just happened again when the dat file updated.

      I checked out what the these sites had in common and they they are all on 128k links. There are some sites that are on 128k links that arn't having the problem (yet). I checked the link status on the routers and there doesnt seem to be a problem with the link.

      The dat file is about 45mb now, and im guessing its only gonna get bigger. Is there some sort of timeout value that can be changed for the replication connection session? because upgrading the links from 128k is not an option.

      thanks, Daniel