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    Decrypting using EETech standalone disk for system that was deleted from EPO


      HI All

      i am in need of help please i am trying  to decrpyt a System that was deleted from our EPO server.


      The User brought the machine in and when i tried to locate the machine on our EPO Server so that i could push the decrypt policy to  i discovered that somone had deleted it from the system.

      i have created a standalone disk and when i boot from it i can authorise it but the option to Remove is not a avalible.

      i know i need the recovery key that can only be found on our EPO server but  because the machine has beem removed from the system i am now unsure if it is even possible to Remove EE


      I dont want to format the machine as their a specific licences for certain appliccation running on it.


      If any one can Advise me i would really appriciate it


      Please contact me if you need more information