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    Re: Subscription Renewal Issues


      at least you got a response instead of being transferred to a  Trukey specialist 2 times and then dropped like a bad transmission.

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                            Do you have a (Service Request Number) associated with your customer experience with Technical Support? If so could you kindly provide it so there can be a follow up. I will attempt to ask a 'Truekey Expert' to possibly add to this discussion.


                             marcd  could you kindly assist this User?


                             Note:  This thread originally started out regarding problems with a 'Subscription Renewal' issue. Any further issues with your (Truekey Software)  It may be more appropriate\benificial to create a new thread.





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            Hi Cliff,

            I agree with you, it is hard checking on both communities for true Key related questions/issues. I dont even see the issue that is being reported by magum12. I think it will be best if the issue is ongoing to have it move to a new TK thread.



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