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    VPN roaming users taking DAT updates from different repositories


      Hi All,



      We have McAfee agent 4.8, VSE 8.0 Patch 7 installed in our environment. The issue here is the roaming user machines like (The users who have laptops and visits different sites for the business) are getting DAT updates from different repositories rather than getting updates from there own repository or central ePO server.


      Is this a common behavior? If Yes, My question here is If they are not able to get the updates from there local dedicated repositories they should contact ePO central server for the updates.


      There is one more twist here, the machines which are contacting different repositories are downloading full DAT .gem file instead of downloading incremental DAT which is causing High CPU  and bandwidth utilization for the users.


      Suggestions on the above issue is much appreciated.




      Dr. Chaitali