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    Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked question


      So my laptop is about 2 months old, and i have never downloaded anything crazy like random programs from random sites or music, movies, or games. I download only authorized apps from authorized places such as Google Chrome from Google or my McAfee from Bell's website (I have internet with them so i get McAfee for free).


      Today, however, I got a notification from McAfee:


      Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked


      About This Potentially Unwanted Program
      Name: Artemis!9F8B6DE48C9F
      Quarantined From: C:\Program Files (x86)\SearchProtect\Main\bin\uninstall.pun


      Not sure what this is or how it would have gotten on my laptop, however I have an Acer laptop so maybe thats why (I've had terrible experiences with Acer laptops in the past, none with viruses though, I'm just being ignorant when I say its Acer's fault).


      Any idea what this is, how bad it is, how it even got on my computer, or what I should do?


      Thanks in advance for your replies!

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          It seems that you inadvertently installed or become infected with the 'Nasty' Browser Hi-Jacker Search Protect\

          Conduit.,It indeed happens...

          It is good that your McAfee Software indeed detected this (PUP). I would recommend Opening your McAfee UI, and go to Navigation\Quarantined items\Delete\Restart.


          Then I would follow up by running Malwarebytes AdwCleaner\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Free) to remove any possible remnants. As explained in this highly respected Removal Guide https://malwaretips.com/blogs/search-protect-by-conduit-removal/ Normally when you get a (Artemis!) Detection we provide a method of submission to McAfee Labs.


          However in this instance, it is indeed a known 'Potentially Unwanted Program' 


          Please confirm if this resolved your Problem\Answered your questions.

          I might add that this occurance did not happen as a result of having a 'Acer' Laptop. It can happen with any Manufacturer .


          All the very Best,



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