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    Can not install agent in server in different domain

      I have two Windows 2003 domains, and am trying to push out the McAfee Frame Package from my Protection Pilot 1.5.0 server in one of the domains onto a server in the other. I can ping servers both ways and we have a domain trust in place. From the Protection Pilot console I can only see a list of server in the local domain. The other domain is not shown and I can not browse to the servers to push out the agent. If I install the agent locally on the server in the other domain, the agent install process starts but then fails. The error message in the agent log file shows "there was an unexpected error during setup execution END 1603". Is this an access permission error? If so, do I need to install the agent on the server in the other domain using the command line process and what account is this agent installed under? I have got firewall rules in place between both domains to allow McAfee traffic and can verify this on these rules being correct on the firewall syslog. I am using agent version 3.5.0 and trying to install McAfee Virusscan 8.0. Any help would be great as it is doing my head in!!