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    Maximum expanded file size


      On McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint, there is a setting Maximum Expanded File size where we can specify the maximum decompressed file size that Antivirus will scan. The maximum value we can enter is 2047 Mb. Unfortunately, a few of the files uploaded are larger than 2047 Mb after decompression.


      One workaround would be to change the action "When the maximum file size is exceeded" to allow through, but security does not like the idea because they feel that they can upload a file filled with virus if the file is large enough. Does anyone have a suggested workaround?



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          DOS settings are under "Scanner Control"

          No matter what any filter settings are set to - the item will still be attempted to be scanned by AV policy.

          Timeout on AV scanning is set at Security - Antivirus Setting in SharePoint admin

          (The "OnAccess : Enabled" item on top of MSMS dashboard is a link to those settings)