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    McAfee Drive Encryption - Fatal Error [0xEE02000A] verify sector chain


      Hi fellow McAfee Engineers,


      I just had an odd problem with McAfee Drive Encryption


      Laptop Information :

      • Model : Lenovo X240
      • Disk Type : Liteon SSD 125GB
      • Drive Encryption Version :
      • OS : Windows 7
      • Information from ePO :





      Problem :

      • Out of nowhere, when the user restart the system, it tooks around 10mins before the system reboots
      • there was no PBA screen after the system reboots, the screen prompt an error message instead



      What we've done :

      1. Booting from Detech Standalone, this warning message appear before the main menu loads


           2. we hit OK, at the DEtech menu, we cannot hit the Token Button. when we try to authenticate using .xml files, it gave us this warning message 



      3. Remove DE action failed with message saying Drive Encryption is not active if Im not mistaken

      4. Restoring MBR and rebooting the system only gave us the Missing Opreating system error.

      5. Crypt Sectors also not working

      6.This is the disk Information


      7. before trying Force Crypt, first we made a sector level copy of the disk using Norton Ghost.

      8. After the disk has been backed up, then we try to do Force Crypt the Back-up Disk, not the Original one.

      9. This was the setting :


      10. After Force Crypt Completed, we try to restore the MBR again.

      11. We rebooted the system and error Missing Operating System still popped up.



      Greetings SafeBoot, Please give me your take on this case.

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