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    EPO 3.6.1 CheckInMirrorPackage

      From time to time I get these type of Errors:

      "CheckInMirrorPackage: Failed to decrypt and extract C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\naiAE48.tmp\00000003\PkgCatalog.z, hr=-109"

      "MirrorThreadProc: Failed to decrypt and extract C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\naiAE45.tmp\00000000\catalog.z, hr=0xffffff93"

      We got some special environment here, therefore we download all the packages from the nai ftp over a batch script. I sure checked the other threads but they're all considering problems downloading packages. I got the packages, but sometimes I just can't check in the Files.
      My EpoApSvr.log says:

      20081009095331 I #33272 naInet UNC Session initialized
      20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet Connecting to UNC Server: IP-Address
      20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet Domain name=DOMAIN, User name=Administrator
      20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet Mapping network share \\IP-Address\subdirectory using NetUseAdd
      20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet Network Share \\IP-Address\subdirectory mapped
      20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet Connected to UNC Server: IP-Address
      20081009095331 I #33272 SIM_InetMgr Started download session 1 for site UNCUpdateRep
      20081009095331 I #33272 SiteMgr MirrorThreadProc: Downloading file catalog.z from UNCUpdateRep
      20081009095331 I #33272 SIM_InetMgr Downloading file catalog.z from session 1, LocalDir=C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\naiAE45.tmp\00000000, RemoteDir=
      20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet Downloading file: \\IP-Address\subdirectory\catalog.z from UNC Server
      20081009095331 I #33272 SIM_InetMgr Downloaded file catalog.z successfully in session 1
      20081009095331 e #33272 SiteMgr MirrorThreadProc: Failed to decrypt and extract C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\naiAE45.tmp\00000000\catalog.z, hr=0xffffff93
      20081009095331 I #33272 McUpload Start http session login...
      20081009095331 I #33272 McUpload Successfully disabled CA trust options.
      20081009095331 I #33272 McUpload End http session login, status=0
      20081009095331 I #33272 McUpload CA trust has already been set.
      20081009095331 I #33272 McUpload Http response status code = 200
      20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet Disconnecting UNC Server \\IP-Address\subdirectory using NetUseDel(), Force = 1
      20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet NetUseDel() returned 0
      20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet Network share \\IP-Address\subdirectory deleted successfully(1)
      20081009095331 I #33272 naInet UNC Session closed
      20081009095331 I #33272 naInet ------------------------------------------------------------

      I got the same thing for the PkgCatalog.z. I'm downloading the files at about 6 in the morning CET (GMT +1). I found out, that trying to download the files later helps sometimes and he's able to check in. I don't know exactly why he's putting these 2 files in the temp on the windows directory. If someone could at least explain to me why EPO does this and yeah every help would be really appriciated.
      Btw. no I got no Firewall running. The Service is down.

      Thanks in advance