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    (Firewall) Modifications effect unrelated Policies (Components share GUIDs after duplicating?)




      I am seeing an issue in ePO 5.3.1 where if I produce a firewall policy with groups and rules and duplicate it, modifications in one of the policies causes modifications in the other policy.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a firewall policy named, "Policy A" with a group of rules called, "MyGroup"
      2. Duplicate the Firewall Policy and name the new one, "Policy B"
      3. In "Policy A", add a number of rules and child groups to "MyGroup"
      4. In "Policy A", press, "Add to Catalog" on the group, "MyGroup" to add it to the firewall catalog
      5. Visit, "Policy B" and find the original, "MyGroup" has been replaced with the modified, "MyGroup" from "Policy A"


      I haven't tested the client part extensively but it does not appear that the clients pick up the modifications to, "Policy B" until an administrator modifies "Policy B" and hits save.