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    problems sending viruscan...


      recently The ePo responsibilities have been assigned to me. Everybody here lost the password for the console and nobody has another account. so I decided to uninstall the whole thing (bad call)...

      I was able to install the application and already imported my active directory computers.
      now my problem is that I can't deploy the viruscan to a single computer. I haven't tried to deploy it to all computers because I don't want to mess every compouter, so I'm only trying one computer and the only software that gets installed in the client computer (after I send the agent Install) is the mcafee autoupdate and the product coverage report (Same version) I believe I'm doing something wrong...
      this is what i have installed in my Master software repository.

      Epo agent for webshield appliance install
      ePo Agent install
      ePo Agent langpack
      Norton Antivirus legacy
      Rogue system sensor plugin
      Rogue system sensor install
      Viruscan enterprise plugin
      System compliance profiler install
      System compliance profiler Servicepack
      Viruscan Enterprise install
      Viruscan Enterprise Langpack
      Engine 5300 engine
      Linux engine engine
      MAC Engine engine
      System compliance profiler templates 470 templates
      System compliance profiler templates 470 2.0 templates
      DAT (5400) DAT

      Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something.
      Please any help can be useful.
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          when you logon to the ePO run the :

          1-Agent Installation Package Creation Wizart

          2- Go to the Directory then Tasks double click on the Deployment remove the click from inhernt

          chooes install for the Virusscan 8.0 or 8.5
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            FYI the VSE 8.5 package is not compatible with agents less than 3.6.xxx, so if you are trying to send out 8.5 you need to update from the woefully old and out of date CMA agent you are using, is out of date and buggy and has security issues.
            • 3. still can't deploy...
              I already re-installed the whole thing...It;s driving me crazy...
              I already removed the inherit option you guys mentioned and also upgraded to 3.6.1
              but still is not sending the client... also I noticed that the server event is not keeping track of all events like failed client installations...
              please help...
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                Did you check in package Agent 3.6 in Repository? If so, you should follow the first step that no time has mentioned for new Agent again. That wizard will create a file (FrmaePkg.exe). Run this file on mentioned computer. Verify that its name will be added to your Directory list or not.