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    (Firewall) Networks with FQDNs containing dashes are Ignored




      I am seeing a weird issue with Firewall Policies on an Endpoint Security 10.2 client with an ePO 5.0.4 running Windows 7 and Windows 10.




      Essentially it appears the agent doesn't know how to handle FQDNs with dashes and so it completely ignores them causing MAJOR issues:



      If all of the hosts in the rule have dashes in their names then the rule will essentially turn into an ANY-ANY rule.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a firewall rule, "Test Rule"
      2. Edit the rule, "Test Rule"
        1. Go to the "Networks" section of the, "Test Rule" configuration
        2. Press Add (Local)
        3. Give it a name, "Test Network"
        4. Press Add IP Address
          1. Change to, "Fully Qualified Domain Name"
          2. Add an FQDN with a dash my-computer.domain.tld
          3. Press Save
        5. Press Save
      3. Press Save
      4. Update the policy on a client
      5. Review the local clients firewall policy and notice the "Local Networks" section is completely missing from the rule definition.




      If I add an IP address as a, "Local Network" to this rule everything works just fine.


      If I add a local network containing a FQDN it also works just fine.


      If I add a local network containing a FQDN that has a dash in it dept-computername.contoso.com the client ignores the entire local network section.


      Any ideas?