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    Vse 8.8 update 8.8 with EPO 5.3.1




      I am trying to update our servers from the following :


      Agent to (this I have no problems doing and works fine.)

      VSE 8.8 update 6 to VSE 8.8 update 8 (I can't get it to update with using the update now command)


      I have a question


      1. is it possible to schedule a automated installation VSE 8.8 update 8 from the evaluation branch ?


      I have tried adding placing the update in current and creating a client task to update all machine that are placed in a sub organisational unit. The problem is they will not update unless I use the update now command. In our environment, global update is deactivated. We have storage servers that must not be updated automatically.


      I am new to the EPO environment and have be searching all the documentation and nothing seems to work. Any advise ? This only happens with updates a of VSE.


      Thanking you in advance



      A reference to some good documentation would help too

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          This might be a good starting point.  It's a bit convoluted, but the installation chart there helps.


          VSE 8.8 Patch 7 update order

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            We have a similar issue, though we are upgrading from MA to MA and VSE to VSE The Agent update works fine, and most of the VSE updates go OK. Roughly 1/4 of the workstations resist the VSE update, but ePO 5.3.1 says they are successful. UpdateOptions.ini even lists: BuildVersion=8.8.01599 on the workstations. Wondering if there is a required reboot to complete the installation?


            Even running "Run Client Task Now" and pushing the deployment manually gives all green lights, but no joy on 1599. Forcing cmdagent to update ePO and it's still reporting 1445 is installed. Just not patient enough?


            Should we force the reboot?


            Don't use that old upgrade chart, use this one: McAfee Corporate KB - Recommended upgrade paths for McAfee Agent, Host Intrusion Prevention, and VirusScan Enterprise K…


            Was looking more specifically at your issue. We tag our equipment as either "server" or "workstation" and then create a Product Deployment based on the Group and/or Tags so we can roll out updates to either set of machines. The Product Deployment area will allow you to send out current or evaluation products. Hope this helps with your situation. Tags and Groups make it all pretty easy, and Product Deployment allows you to use both. I'm thinking you could tag your hardware "storage" or set all your storage equipment in a separate group which would allow you to perform global updates. Just thinking out loud here. I'm just another user, not an Intel employee.