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    Moving computers based on tagging/sorting criteria

      Here’s my goal:

      1.Identify all systems across 35 groups, that are Agent version 3.6 (automatically preferred); move them to a specific group that has a deployment job.
      2.Agent gets updated, client moves back to their appropriate folder sorted by IP address on next client update

      My System tree:
      Workstations (no sorting)
      L -AAA Deploy Agent 4.0 (sort by tag, Agent 3.6)
      L -Site 1 (sorted by IP address)
      L -Site 2 (sorted by IP address)
      L -Etc (sorted by IP address)

      This is what I did:
      1. Created tag called Agent 3.6
      2. Queried for all systems with this version, and manually applied the new tag (cant auto tag by product version apparently)
      3. Selected all in this query and ran a sort now

      I was expecting that the sort after applying the tag would put the clients in the new group, so the task can be ran. On their next update they would sort by IP address, and go back to their home group. The clients did not move into the new group based on tag sorting, and now that I think about it even if they did move and get upgraded, they would not sort by IP as the tag is not dynamic and wouldn’t be removed based on product version.

      Anyone have any suggestions on how I can accomplish this? I plan to use this same process to upgrade VSE 8.0 to 8.5 if I can get it to work correctly, that is unless someone has a better way to do this.