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    MQM install troubles


      I am in the implementing process of MQM

      I have to Install the extension in ePO but I get this:


        Install Extension 


      Name: MQM_____7110
      Product: McAfee Quarantine Manager
      Details: Copyright (c) 2012 McAfee, Inc. All rights reserved.
      Signed by: Signed by McAfee product certificate
      • core
      • EPOCore
      • PolicyMgmt
      • ComputerMgmt
      • Extension MQM_____7110, version is not compatible with this version of ePolicy Orchestrator.


      The McAfee KB says I need Firefox 36, I doesn´t find this version. With Firefox 50 I get the same error.

      McAfee KnowledgeBase - Unable to save Quarantine Manager Policy Catalog with ePolicy Orchestrator extension…

      However I think the browser version is not the problem.


      I use ePO 5.3.0