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    Is Artemis!5BD8D4F12A74 a false positive?


      Good afternoon,


      I have received some software from my company's main competitor and when I unzip it, the VirusScan Enterprise alerts me that it could be a Trojan (Artemis!5BD8D4F12A74).


      I've uploaded the file to VirusTotal.com and a lot of antivirus enginees say that it could be malware.


      I've been using Cuckoo SandBox to analyze it but with no luck because this suspicuous software detects that it's running inside a VirtualBox machine using ACPI tricks and it dies.

      This software seems that has antidebugging detection because Cuckoo shows that some files (SICE, SIWVID, NTICE) have been looked for.


      Do you need a sample of the mentioned software or do you have more info about what's wrong?



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