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    ePo 4 Memory Occupation

      Hi all,
      i'd like to know if it is right for my epo installation to use so much memory:
      My lan is composed of 3 branches, so in each branch i have a server with RSS installed.
      In remote branches, this sensor uses about 15Mb of ram.
      In local branch, on epo server, it uses at least 150 (!!) Mb. Is it right?
      not only, i also have, on epo server, 150 Mb used by tomcat and something like 750 Mb (!!!) used by sql express 2005
      My db is under 100Mb, and if i restart sql it just uses something like 100 or 200Mb, but then it "diverges" to 700 or 800Mb..
      In 2 words, i have about 1.1 Gb of memory used by ePo service.
      With epo 3.6 it was less than 200 of SQL server, something like 70 of tomcat and less then 10 of RSS
      Is there something wrong?

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          I can do nothing about tomcat (it goes from 150 and 300 and back), but i forced the istance of the epo server to be under 250Mb, and all is ok..

          Btw, this is MUCH heavier then epo 3.6...
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            Recommended amount of memory is 2 - 4 GB. So basically you're still well within this recommendation :)

            Download Management Studio Express (microsoft.com) and limit the amount of memory SQL express uses to 2/3 of the total amount available in the host. This also is a default recommendation you can find in the installation guide of ePO.

            ePO server v4.0 is a far more actively running server product than v3.6. Think of the tagging system that might be triggered at each agent to server communication. Scheduled tasks running queries, ajax scripting in the webinterface (so calculations running serverside instead of clientside).

            So basically: yes, it's normal ePO 4.0 uses a lot more memory than 3.6. See the installation guide for recommendations.