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    False Artemis!CC2F432751EB




      This is regarding the false positive detection of the file "ProxyGate.exe" from our company's legit software ProxyGate


      ProxyGate is a legit software with end user agreement and its digitally signed with certificate, its 100% clean, no adware or bundled toolbars or other unclear objectives. It is not involved in any kind of malicious activities.

      The full version of our software installer can be downloaded from here:

      Link removed until McAfee has deemed safe


      We have submitted this file to McAfee Labs:


      Analysis ID: 10218942













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                               Thank you kindly for following protocol. If your detection has not been 'Suppressed' in 3-4 business days. I can then contact someone internally on your behalf from McAfee Labs, and escalate your case. Thank you for providing the Analysis id#, as it will indeed expedite resolving your issues.


                             Please understand that I had to remove the Link in Question,until it has been Analyzed\Processed.

                             I might add that McAfee Web Advisor did indeed block the Download.



          All the very Best,



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            I just received the following correspondence back from McAfee Labs:


            Hi Cliff,


            The following Artemis!CC2F432751EB is already suppressed and the sample has been marked as clean.


            1. Detection should no longer exist





            Could you kindly confirm if your Detection has indeed been suppressed?


            Thank You,