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    Post your Custom Queries? ePO 4

      Hi all,

      Maybe this would be a good place to post up any custom queries that you have created for ePO 4?

      I personally would like to have a product coverage query similar to the query in ePO 3.6 with a pie chart and details of out of date DAT's, with unprotected, uninstalled agents displayed too...

      I will post up this query if I manage to create it.


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          Great idea Ben, I've recently installed ePO 4 and am looking for the same reports
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            I've not seen a demo of 4.0 yet, but I'm shocked that there isn't such a report built into it. That is the "main" report I refer to several times a day!:eek:
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              I'd really be interested in seeing what others have to share here. There's so much flexibility with these queries, that I don't even know where to start! I guess that's a good thing, right?
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                I'm interested too. I had a few good ones in 3.6 but the were lost in the upgrade over to 4.x.

                Anyone want to share?
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                  Either these forums are dead or not many people are using ePO 4.0, because I can't believe no one has any custom queries to share here. I was hoping there would have been some available by McAfee, but they only included three queries in their reporting app. That's the one thing I really enjoyed about 3.6.1, was the enormous abundance of reports that could be run daily. I'd really like to see some Top 10 reports if possible.
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                    There are loads more than 3, are you logging in as the original admin user?
                    I think you will find that you have not made the reports public to be viewable and useable by non admin users.
                    Its all in the manual
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                      No, I am not logged into ePO as the admin, but my permissions are set to global administrator. Why wouldn't that type of permission allow me to see all reports? I guess I'll have to log in as the admin to make those reports public then.

                      And thanks for the smart-*** comment about it all being in the manual. I'm sure all of us have read that word-for-word, right? :mad:
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                        epo 4.02 product guide page 171

                        Public and personal queries
                        Queries can be personal or public. Private queries exist in the user’s My Queries list, and are only available to their creator. Pubic queries exist in the Public Queries list, and are available to everyone who has permissions to use public queries. Most default queries are only made available to the global administrator, who must make these default queries public for other users to access them. Several queries are public by default for use by the default dashboards.
                        Only users with appropriate permissions can make their personal queries public ones.

                        Its not a "smartass comment" if you want to get the best out of the queries then I would advise you to read the relevant product guide section first. The ability to have different reports for different users was one of the better and more widely talked about features of EPO 4.
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                          What do you mean you don't have the out of date DAT and so on queries? I have them. You must have forgotten to install the VirusScan extensions that load and update your available queries in ePO 4.0.

                          The custom queries I added are for system32 infections by machine and unhandled threats. Actually there is not much use of posting the actual query as they are GUI built, and not built using SQL like statements . Unless they are really really custom.
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