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    epo 4.0

      hi people.

      where can I find good documentation on epo 4.0 explaining on how to setup distributed repository in scenario where one epo 4.0 server is setup and deployed at head office and another one will be residing in remote branch
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          On the right - select product documentation. You can then download all the EPO product docs.
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            I have read the docs where explaining how to create the master or distributed repository, but what i don't understand is amoung the three repository "FTP", "UNC" and "HTTPS" what would be inside the folder one will create.

            I mean it is written that create a folder and share it... and nothing else explaining where this folder should be created and what will be the content of it.

            hopefully my point is clear
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              simply you have to put nothing in the folder :)
              when replication starts, ePo will populate the folder..
              BTW if you have an epo server in every branch and you want to use these servers to update clients, i think you don't need to create distributed repositories

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                if i dont create the distributed repositories then how will the branch server epo will get the required updates.