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    How to exclude specefic systems from ODS scan


      Hello Experts,


      How can i exclude specific systems from running ODS scan as we have a bi-weekly scan set at the organization level. I know we can break the inheritance

      and create a new task to disable ODS scan.. But i am bit lost here should i create a new sub group and add the systems to that group to which i want to exclude the scan

      My doubt is should i create a new ODS task set to disable and assign that task to newly created subgroup and break inheritance. Would this stop the my organization ODS scan not to inherit my sub group ?


      I know for the fact we cannot edit or delete the inbuilt ODS task is that correct ??


      Can someone enlighten me on this part please.




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          Have you considered exploiting TAGs?


          Exclude your TAG on your main ODS task, and create a new task and only have that TAG execute it.

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            To exclude the ODS Scan task


            * Using System tree grouping


                 - Create a new group in system tree and move the system in new group

                 - Dont assign the ODS task in the group, If it is inherited from the top group - Break the inheritance and disable the task


            * Using System tag


                 - Create a new tag with no criteria and assign the tag to that particular machine.

                 - Switch to System tree -> Assigned Client task(ODS Task) -> Edit assignment -> Tags -> Send this task to only computers which have the following criteria ->Has any of these         tags  -> Edit -> add the new tag -> Schedule the time -> Save