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    EPO 3.6.1: New servers not being validated in EPO Console


      I have been asked to look at an issue with an EPO 3.6.1 sp1
      installation running on windows 2003 sp2. The DB is a MSDE
      installation as well.

      The installation has been going fine for a while, updating etc to

      The issue is when a new server is added to the epo site via "send
      agent installation", it is not validated (the little green tick on the computer).

      However the CMA agent installs fine (I see the installation happen
      correctly), and seems to get the necessary information from the EPO

      The policy to deploy the 8.5.1 av software doesnt apply, but if I
      manually install the AV software it looks ok, i.e. update point, patches for the client etc.

      Previous installations (several months ago) have worked fine.

      Any ideas about what might cause this? Any particular logs I should
      check other than the ones in application data/mcafee folder.

      Thsi was on windows203 sp1 and windows 2003 sp2 servers.