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    How to Block a registry key in EPO 4?

      Anyone know how I can block a registry key in EPO 4? I've looked around the policies and am unable to find anything very helpful. Thanks.
        • 1. Wrong product

          You've got the wrong product. ePO is about managing the distribution of other programs (sec. tools) onto large installations.

          You can't lock or block anything with ePO. You can just install and manage things like ViruScan (VSE) or HIPs (firewall) and so on.

          And I don't know that either McAfee VSE or HIP can block one specific registry key.
          VSE can block any modification of the (entire) registry but not one specific key AFAIK.

          • 2. RE: Wrong product
            With VirusScan enterprise you can block specific reg keys - under access protection rules. Create a user definred rule - you can block certain access for files/registry/processes.
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              how can I block the Modification in the whole registry , Since that I use EPO 4 , and AntiVirus Scan 8.5