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    Upgrade from PrP to Epo 4.0 question

      Hi all,

      We're moving to a new domain and with that we're going to go with EPO instead of Protection Pilot. After we get EPO installed on the new domain will it be as simple as re-deploying the agent via the new EPO server to bring our clients across to the EPO server to manage from there going forward? If there is anything else to consider here please let me know.

      cheers - worktv
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          Did you guys ever get an solid info on this? I've been searching today and can't find any concrete info on upgrading my PP server to ePO 3.6 still.
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            Laszlo G
            You don't need any specific to consider but just only deploying an Agent from your ePO server to these computers
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              I've done several ProPilot to ePO4 upgrades myself. There's sufficient documentation on it in the KB. You have to upgrade to 3.6 then from that to 4.

              HOWEVER it does not list one major flaw that I've reported to McAfee before and here as well. If your policy extension/reports are not the latest version for the product you have installed ALL of your policies will be wiped out during the upgrade. The issue is during the 3.6 to 4 upgrade that if the policy extensions are out of sync with the version info all your data is dumped. I've proven this will happen every time with several lab tests.

              So say you have viruscscan 8.5 P7 but you forgot to add in the policy extension for the patch so you're running the 8.5 P6 policy extension say goodbye to all of your policies.