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    Adding local user with password already created


      Hello all,


      I am aware of how to add local users in ePO WDe. I am able to create a user (lets say sysadmin) and sync it to the machine. When I log into the Pre boot authentication, it then asks me to create a password.  What if I wanted to add a "Sysadmin" login but already set it to a known password (aka not prompt for a new one)?  Is that possible?


      Here are my steps in creating the local user that I know of:


      1. In the web interface, navigate to User Directory
      2. Choose Actions > Add user
      3. In the top Add User dialog box, type in a username
      4. In the Attribute Logon Name, type in the same username
      5. Click the [+] on the right side to expand Attribute Logon Name
      6. In the Display Name, type in the same username
      7. Hit save
      8. In the web interface, navigate to Encryption Users
      9. Select the system name
      10. Click Actions > Drive Encryption > Add User(s)
      11. Click the [+] beside Users
      12. In the top left, change Look in to User Directory
      13. Select the user you wish to add and hit OK


      So is there a way to add a user that already has a password set? The goal is to have a login for the IT team so that we can get past the PBA when working on the PCs.  we can always set and recovery I guess but is there a way to do what I am asking?