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    System Tree Performance Issues


      Hello, I'm having problems with the System Tree on my ePO.


      When I open the System Tree page, it takes a long time (sometimes more than 1 minute) to load the systems into the table. That only happens when I select "My Organization", if I select any other group this doesn't happen. Some info:


      - ePO is has a total of 1500 to 1600 systems (300 still unmanaged);

      - One subgroup has almost 1200 systems and still loads quickly when selected;

      - ePO version: 5.3.1 (without any hotfix);

      - There are no pending running Server Tasks;

      - ePO is functioning correctly and fast on all other functions: running server tasks, running queries, deploying agents;

      - Reboot didn't change anything;

      - It was tested in different browsers and workstations;


      Anyone has experience or an idea on what the problem could be? Could an update to 5.3.2 (or to a 5.3.1 hotfix) solve this issue?


      Thanks in advance.