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    when to run finetune.bat


      Hi All,


      I came across this file finetune.bat in the solidcore installed machine. please clarify me on this.


      When to run this finetune.bat ?

      I install Agent (FramePkg.exe)manually , not via epo? does that mean I have run finetune.bat file manually?

      Does mcafee allow installation via SCOM?


      Thanks & Regards,


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          If you are using Application Control 6.1.1 For standalone Solidcore Agent installation (i.e. installation not done via ePO) on end-points where Oracle is installed, finetune.bat must be run manually at the end-points to apply Oracle specific rules.

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            Thanks kmc for your reply.


            I came across from a mcafee KB about finetune.bat and oracle.


            In my case:


              I install Application control via "run client Task"->Product deployment. Does that mean finetune.bat might have run automatically?

              Do you have any idea on why AWL blocks SCOM based installtion?


            Again, Thanks for your reply.