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    Another difficult McAfee Anti-Theft v2 removal/uninstall...I don't have the installation files!


      I've read several other's experiences with this problem...so I'm going to try to get right to the point:  I need the installation software so that I can reinstall on Windows v8.1, and then uninstall.  The only link I see is for purchasing...which struck me as odd, since it is so far beyond eol.


      Here's my situation:  I have several customer laptops running on Windows v8.1 that had McAfee AV and Anti-Theft v2 installed (When they came to us they were running on Windows 8.0, so I had performed the 8.1 update before trying to uninstall McAfee products).  I uninstalled the AV software because it was well beyond outdated, and my company uses another product for this purpose.  However, when I try to uninstall McAfee Anti-Theft through Programs and Features the screen flashes once, but the uninstall never initiates.


      I did run the AT Status tool on each laptop, which told me that they weren't enrolled and never had been enrolled.  Therefore, my assumption is that the installation is broken, so I will need to reinstall before I can properly remove it.  The full version on at least one of these laptops is Anti-Theft v2.1.170.2.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!


      Tom Kemp

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