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    Removing preinstalled McAfee


      Hi there,

      My dad's laptop came with McAfee preinstalled when he bought it (a Lenovo Yoga), and we've decided to go a different route as far as antivirus software and I'm currently trying to uninstall McAfee. I've removed it using the standard Add/Remove Programs menu in Windows 10, however I've noticed that many McAfee services are still running despite restarts and despite the system claiming it's no longer installed:


      What's worse is that these services are spawning processes consuming ~50% CPU and causing constant lag on the laptop. I've tried disabling the processes via both Process Hacker (with driver-level unrestricted access + admin elevation), and the standard Windows Services program, but I'm getting Access Denied errors due to some sort of active protection on McAfee's part. I've tried the commercial MCPR tool but each time it hangs at "Removing product VS" and doesn't proceed any further or actually accomplish anything. I've also tried booting into Safe Mode and manually deleting the driver files from System32 along with the leftover McAfee files on the computer + the reg entries, however this just causes a BSOD with "INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" as a stopcode, so I just System Restored to revert those changes. I'm at a loss as to how to uninstall this program so any advice would be very much appreciated.


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          Try downloading\installing the MCPR Tool again, run and then Restart. MCPR

          If not deemed that 'Clean-up Successful' You can contact Technical Support at no charge 24/7.



          If TS cannot resolve your issues, You can also attempt further removal using the 'Revo-Uninstaller App' Genrally when one is planning to entirely remove their McAfee software for good. For future reference, it is best to Turn off (Access Protection) with-in your McAfee GUI. This allows all files to be accessed.



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              As CD has suggested use a fresh copy of MCPR as it is updated frequently.   MCPR can hang for quite a while sometimes, I would try to leave it running & If it fails eventually then the installation must have been corrupted somehow and would involve removing the software using a registry cleanup method which I can outline.   It's rather long and laborious though.

              Always reboot before attempting to run MCPR agian.

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                If MCPR fails then this is what can be done:


                Here, should you ever need them, are the instructions how to clean entries from the registry:


                The Registry Edit procedure can be done offline if you wish.   (It's basically what MCPR was supposed to do in the first place)


                Click Windows Key + R then type regedit and click Enter.


                A page should open with the top left hand corner looking something like this:





                If for some reason it's expanded, collapse it and then highlight Computer.


                Go to File tab and click "Export" and send all of the registry to your desktop. This is in case something goes wrong. It can then be rebuilt by simply right-clicking that desktop item and selecting Merge.


                Now click the Edit tab and then "Find". Enter "McAfee" (minus the "") then click   "Find next" (or hit the enter key).


                Whatever is found, right-click and  delete.


                Hit  your F3 key for the next instance and keep going until all entries are gone.   It can take a long time if a lot of McAfee components were originally installed and the MCPR removal tool didn't work for some reason.


                If one says it can't be deleted this is where it gets complicated. You have to then find which key on the left column pertains to it and   right-click/Properties/Permissions and give yourself permission.


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                  I too have had this happen. It seems that when the windows native uninstaller is used, the program is not cleanly uninstalled, leaving Windows "thinking" that it is still installed. When i ran the MCPR tool, it seemed to complete the uninstall process, but the remnants remained. Even Revo Uninstaller Pro would not fix the problem. In my case, the unfortunate outcome was that I had to do a complete reset of the O/S to solve the issue. It is not the fault of the Mcafee software, in that in order to provide adequate protection,it requires that it be embedded at a low level in the O/S. IE deep within the system. I am now a happy Mcafee user, with AV Plus 2017 installed. BTW, the running processes which are seen in the above screenshot are similar to what I experienced.