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    Repository Hits

      Is there a way to tell how many clients are hitting a particular repository?

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          looking at the possibilities in the reporting system i must say i don't believe you can retrieve such data from the ePO console.

          I do believe that the agent reports the used repository after a succesfull update task, and that this input is stored in the database therefore. I believe this was done in previous versions of ePO anyway. So then you should be able to create your own query on the sql server to easily retrieve this info.

          otherwise use some 3rd party tool on the designated distributed repository server to monitor the user of incoming port 8081.

          Here's a thought: you could even use VirusScan Enterprise to do this! :D

          1. Create an access protection rule that reports incoming use of port 8081 and enable it on the distributed repository server
          2. Than use the reporting part of the epo console to create a query that retrieves all reported events from access protection, filtered by this rule and f.i. the last 24 hours.
          3. You could created a scheduled server task to let you email the output of the created query, and purge the database for these events as well.

          just a suggestion...
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            Add this query to ePO Queries:

            select Sitename, count(*) as actv from productevents
            where Year(EventLocalDateTime) ='2008' and Month(EventLocalDateTime)='09'
            and SiteName<>''
            group by SiteName
            order by actv

            ...and you're set go.

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              How do I add this query in EPO 4.0?
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                you can save an SQL query as an xml file and import it into the queries section using the import button, to see an example try exporting one of the standard reports
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                  Played with this all morning to no avail. Anyone else have any thoughts?

                  I like the new query interface, but miss the old SQL interface at times.