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    VSE Scan engine update




      Could some one please help me in the plan preparation for VSE Scan engine update from 5600 to 5800 in the client  servers that are managed from ePO.

      I have the 5600 in evaluation branch and 5800 in previous branch in the master repository.

      I tried using the product update client task, the task gets successfully completed but the engine is not getting updated.


      Is there any other way that I can update the engine version on clients.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          A several step process.


          Create a agent policy which uses the previous branch for the engine, create an "Engine Update" tag.


          Create a query for 5600 engines, apply "Engine Update" tag to systems you wish to update


          Run a Tag query as a server task and have it apply the previous engine policy, then wake up the Agents.


          Some time later, using the same Tag query, run another server task to send an "Update Now" task to the systems.


          Again some time later, run the Tag query again to roll the Agent policy back to where is was and wake up the systems.


          Query for systems with the new engine version and the tag, then remove the "Engine Update" tag.




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            Hi DocB,


            Thanks for your reply. I will follow the steps provided and update you with the status.

            Many thanks.