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    Agent not sending properties for VirusScan status on Windows 2003R2


      We still have some Windows 2003R2 systems in our environment. These can't be upgraded to any newer OS at the moment. I read that Agent 5.0.3 is the last agent to support Windows 2003R2. Well, I upgraded one server from agent to agent It upgraded without any issues. the problem we have know, is that the ePO server, no longer reports that it has any virus software installed. I logged into the server and do see that it has VirusScan 8.8i with Patch 7 installed and that it is functioning.


      I am able to send a collect and send properties and can see the last communicated timestamp change on the ePO server for this system. However, it does not populate the fields for DAT,Engine and also does not show it has any virus software. Has anyone else seen this and know how to fix.