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    Upgrade Agent to v5.0.2.xxx loses VSE client tasks until reboot




      We are currently running an EPO server with 5.1.3 and have an estate of around 1000 PC's running, in the most part, agent version and Around 25% of the machines are running and 1 machine on and all VSE Patch 6. We want to upgrade all PC's to Agent v5.0.2.188.


      After deploying the V5 agent to a PC we are losing client tasks from VSE until such point that we reboot the PC. Given that we want to do a large scale upgrade it's very inconvenient to have to restart a PC as it involves an element of downtime for the user rather than the upgrade being silent. I've seen a knowledge article (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB82895) that relates to this issue but there hasn't been any update since August last year. Has anyone found a way of resolving the issue or at least a better workaround?


      Also, we are finding that if we build a new PC with Agent v5 deployed with the image none of the client tasks appear until we reboot the PC after it is build. Which i assume is the same issue but i thought i would add it in in case it a different problem


      I should add that my hands are tied in terms of what Agent version and VSE patches we are able to upgrade to.


      Thank you for any advice.