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    Reduce unknown 'Composite Reputation' files




      Does anyone have recommendations for trusting 'Composite Reputation' unknown files in bulk mainly relating to files relating to Microsoft updates .net etc... I was hoping to deploy updates to a specific PC then run a report showing all unknown files shown on that PC. This would allow me to export the list of unknown files, convert to XML then import to TIE as trusted. I have the process working using this article How to import File and Certificate Reputations into TIE however McAfee Support have informed me there is currently no way to report on Unknown files specific to a machine. There are a couple of built in reports that come close 'TIE Server Top 10 Systems with New Files in Last Week' & 'TIE Server Malicious or Unidentified Files by GTI Reputation in Last Month' but, neither are sufficient. There's also no way of manually creating a report to complete the task as confirmed by McAfee Support. I would prefer to be able to complete this task using McAfee support solutions as I've seen a number of methods using third party apps which are not support by McAfee. Any help would be appreciated.