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      Does anyone have any documentation on creating custom tags? I'm looking to create a tag that will automatically apply to servers that are not compliant, say due to old dat, etc. I'm assuming it's going done by creating custom criteria. But I just don't know what sort of variable to use.

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          Also, in task builder I do not have an option to run a query for "VSE: percent of non-compliant DAT adoption." is there some sort of update missing to allow me to run a query for that?
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            I am also interested in finding out more about this - it appears there are four custom tag fields available ("Custom 1", "Custom 2", etc). Could be very useful.

            A search of the ePO docs and McAfee KB yields nothing useful...
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              I talked with McAfee and it seems as though these custom entries are all dealing with SQL queries.
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                Can you elaborate on what "are all dealing with SQL queries" means??
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                  To be honest, I haven't figured it all out yet. I was in a hurry when i talked to him so when i find more out, i'll post it here.
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                    Cool - thanks.
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                      I have found fields (ComputerPoperties) in the database that identify "Custom 1" and so on.. its called "UserProperty1" and so on - it`s actually possible to put data into those fields. My problem is that I want to know how or where the agent is actually picking this info up? - Is it the registry?
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                        and why you can't use existing queries on ePO reporting part?
                        you can easily identify non-compliant system by run relevant report, and if you want create automatic task (that I do NOT advise if you deal with servers) you can go to Automation tab and create new task based on query criteria.
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                          short question.
                          With custom tags, do you mean this tags where u can create under systems->Tag Catalog?