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    Stop running scheduled scan


      Hi All

      We have an EPO managed environment and Endpoint Security 10.2. I discovered that I can't find a way to stop a scheduled scan initiated by an EPO policy.

      Am I simply blind or is there no way to stop a running scan?!?

      That worked on VSE 8.8.




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          Hi pato,


          I believe the scheduled scan mentioned is On demand scan. On demand scan can be either right click scan or scheduling a scan from the policy.

          In Right click scan you do have an option to stop / pause the Scan. when it comes to On demand scan assigned from the policy, you will not find an option under policy for ODS since it is not available. you have an option to restrict the scan timing. let's say for example default time taken for a full scan is 5 hours and you wanna restrict it to 2 hours, you can go to client task catalog-> policy based on demand scan-> select the scan type->Assign->Options -> stop the task if it runs [ ]




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            Sadly still no solution.

            Anybody knows if this will be added in 10.5?

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              is there still no solution?

              We have some devices which do not stop the planned Scan :-/